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   Our Marketing Design Process
Whether you're interested in a promotional Website, an Internet based marketing campaign or both, the first thing we need to do is to establish a 'position' for your business to portray in the market and a marketing strategy. Quite often, though not always, company branding efforts will play a big part in the strategy. Is it important for prospective companies to be able to recognize you at a glance and know at least basically what services and/or products you provide?
We'll ask you for any marketing materials you have and we'll study them. We'll ask about your existing marketing and advertising efforts, estimated bugets for the work and of course what ideas you already have for the work.
We'll ask for any existing Websites and/or marketing efforts you can see that other businesses are using on the Internet that you like, particularly competitors. We'll research those and in general, we'll research your competitors businesses and their marketing efforts.
We'll ask you to describe the demographics of your target clients, in detail. For example, are they teen age girls? or farmers? or construction workers? or business executives? We'll also study your competitors to determine what demographics they are targeting.
Once we've done the research we'll begin to design a Website and/or marketing campaign designed to increase your business. This is important! A lot of Web design firms will design a pretty Website for you but NOT necessarily design it for your target prospect, and not necessarily design it to BRAND or PROMOTE or SELL ANYTHING!!
For Websites we'll generally show you 2 or 3 preliminary drafts of site design and let you decide which one you like best. From there we'll design the entire Website. As we work, we'll continually update you and encourage you to look at the site in progress. We want to uncover any problems or deviations BEFORE the site is completed.
Before we finally publish your new Website, we'll ask you to work with us to make sure all the links work, the text is accurate and effective, the graphics are right and that there are no mis-spelled words. We want you to be involved with us throughout the entire development of the site. That way you will encounter no unwanted surprises or disappointments.
Before executing marketing campaigns, we'll go over all materials, plans and costs with you. As the campaign is under way, we'll continually work with you to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign, making adjustments as needed to maintain optimal performance.
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