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Our Graphics and Web designers are the BEST in the World! When you hire Florida Web Design, Inc. to design your website you can rest assured that you’ll get the very best. Whether you need web design in Florida or elsewhere, we can help you!
As we see it, businesses use Websites for any combination of three specific purposes:
1. Promotional Website:   Most businesses today recognize the advantage and even the need to maintain a presence on the Internet. A promotional Website is a Web based brochure of the company. It portrays an image of the company and provides information about the services and/or products that the business offers. Usually it provides an introduction to the executive or key personnel. Often it provides information for investors and for potential employees.
Just publishing a pretty Website with your company name and a few elegant words is not enough. We recognize that for business, the purpose of a promotional Website is, in the long run, to generate business. We'll spend a considerable amount of effort researching your company, your current marketing & advertising efforts, your competition and your target prospect demographics. Only then can we hope to design a promotional Website that will effectively influence your target base and successfully generate business. Throughout the design process we'll keep you involved so that we can benefit from your ongoing input to insure that you end up with a Website you are proud of.
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Customer Service Website:   E-Commerce Websites are the most popular customer service Websites. You can buy anything from household items to pizzas to vacations on the Internet. You can buy on-line educational classes and prospect lead lists. You can do your banking right on line. The list goes on and on.
But customer service Websites do a whole lot more than E-Commerce. Contstruction contractors provide extensive project information for their customers, in some cases even live camera surveillance. Websites provide ongoing interactive communications. Companies use on-line performance surveys giving customers the ability to voice opinions and compliaints. Scheduling applications are used to schedule meetings, classes, seminars and more - all of which can be conducted on line.
We have designed hundreds of customer service Websites including everything from standard E-Commerce sites to survey sites to scheduling sites and interactive communications. We have designed 'Portal' sites that form a hub for different businesses to interact. An example of a Portal would be a site where shipping companies and companies that need items to be shipped can conduct business transactions. Another example would be a Website where investors having money to invest can conduct business transactions with companies needing capital. Again, the list goes on and on.
Remote Access for Internal Personnel:   Imagine a sales rep. in China, representing a company in the US who needs immediate information on a 'like minded' customer. Companies often provide Websites for sales reps to be able to pull up confidential information (all fully secured of course), manage orders, check inventory and more.
Over the years we have developed *many* full blown software applications that are accessible to authorized personnel, right over the Internet. For example, we developed a payroll application that allowed the payroll clerk to manage payroll in Chicago from Cocoa Beach (literally).
Virtually *any* software application that involves an interface can be developed to be used (fully secured with the same technology the US government and banks use) over the Internet, from anywhere in the World.
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