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Why use you instead of another company?
We have been in this business for many years (since 1994). We have a great deal of education and experience in this business. In spite of our expertise our prices are lower than most Web design and marketing firms. You're not likely to get better quality elsewhere at any price yet we'll make sure that your project is cost effective.
What services do you provide at Florida Web Design?
We are a full service Web marketing firm including all aspects of designing and marketing Websites. We also provide graphic design and copywriting, both for Internet based and printed marketing materials. In addition to design and marketing, we develop custom software and provide software integration (for example: Microsoft Word® and Intuit Quickbooks®).
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What are your prices?
Websites, marketing campaigns and software applications vary a great deal. We base our prices on an individual basis for each given project. We'll usually give you a choice to allow us to estimate the cost of the project and charge you an hourly rate for work actually completed, or to complete the project for a flat fee (which is usually slightly more expensive than an estimate).

The price for a standard 10 page promotional Website including a Contact form but with no animation, no datbase, no software and no copywriting is $1,400.00.
We'll interview you and listen to what you want. We'll research your existing marketing materials, your competition and your target. We'll design and develop all the graphics, formatting, styles and navigation. Usually we even write the copy for the home page.

Our hourly rates are as follows:
•  Web/Graphic Design   $65.00 per man-hour;
•  Flash Animation   $65.00 per man-hour;
•  Software Development   $75.00 per man-hour;
•  Copywriting   $65.00 per man-hour;
•  Marketing Strategy Design   $75.00 per man-hour;
How long will it take to finish my project?
Because projects vary a great deal it depends on the project. For a standard 10 page promotional Website it generally takes about 3 weeks. We can do it faster but that requires very quick responses from the client.
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Can you help us even if we're not in Florida?
Absolutely. We work for companies all over the US and even over seas. Because the Internet provides near instantaneous World wide communication and file movement, we can design, develop and publish Internet based material all over the World right from within our office. In cases where we find the need, we fly to customer sites.
Can we change the content of our Website after you have completed it?
Yes. We always provide full access to your Web files and even encourage you to keep a copy of your Website on your computers. You retain full access and full ownership to your Website and can change any part of it any time you want to.
Can we use video and audio on our Website?
Yes. We can provide the ability to not only view & hear audio and video but to 'stream' it. That means the viewer does not have to wait until the entire file (usually very large files) downloads to their computer. They can view it while it's downloading.
Can you upgrade our existing Website?
Yes. Many of our Web design projects involve the enhancement of an existing Website. Often we also add to existing Websites.
Can you upgrade our existing software?
This usually depends on the answer to one very critical question. Do you have possesion of the 'source code' to the software and the database (if applicable)? If your application is a Web based application, chances are high that you do. If it's a desktop or client/server application, chances are high that you do not. Another important consideration is copyrights. Before can alter software you must own the copyrights to it.
Can you handle email blasting?
Yes. We have executed many email based marketing campaigns. We have also developed many custom email 'blasting' software applications, most of which are Web based. We can help you entice people to give you their email addresses for your marketing, that is 'Opt In' to receive your emails. We can also provide lists of email addresses of people who have already opted in to receive advertising emails in specific categories.
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