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Data Entry and Acquisition

Data entry can be tedius, especially when you have to manually enter the same data into multiple applications. A good software application can automate much of the work and integrate with other software, alleviating double (or more) entry.

Data entry interfaces should be intuitive, that is, easy to understand but also easy to use. Those two attributes are in conflict. Developing an application that has both attributes is challenging. We have developed thousands of data input interfaces and learned how to balance the two so you can have both.

We have developed applications that scour external databases, usually over the Internet, collecting specific data for our clients' databases. We've written software that produces hundreds of 'bots' that paruse the Internet simultaneously, logging onto Websites and collecting information and then automatically entering it into a database.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis can include things like:

• Data Mining which is the process of deciphering large quantities of data to make it understandable for practical purposes. It helps find patterns like trends and preferences.
• Business intelligence helps managers make concrete decisions. It helps establish strategies and practices to optimize performance.
• Statistics includes inferential statistics which show summary information about whole collections of data while descriptive statistics show analysis of a specific sample.

• Exploratory & Confirmatory statistics aim to determine new features in subject matter (EDA) and ;confirm or deny hypotheses about subject matter (CDA).

Data analysis can help you see your business from a realistic point of view. It can help you predict accurately what would happen in certain circumstances.

With that you can continually make decisions that will strengthen your business.

Data Reporting

Data of course, is only valuable if you can see it and make sense out of it. Without reporting there is little you can do with data. Good data reporting gives you real time information displayed in ways that present the data so that you can make quick determinations easily.

Drill down reports show high level summary information, generally in some form of list, that lets you click on items to get more detailed information about that item. A good drill down reporting system will let you drill down to more and more detail, all the way to the most granular level.

Cross tab reports display comparison information displayed in columns and rows. They provide the ability to compare items based on multiple criteria. For example you could compare the performance of project managers in different categories such as timeliness, communication and safety.

Reporting systems should be designed to be easy to set up search parameters and filters to display the data you want. Reports should be able to display data using colorful graphs and charts, depicting characteristics of the data collection. Good reporting often includes functionality for user interaction allowing users to view data in different ways.

We have been developing data reports for over twenty years. We would be happy to develop data reporting to help you elevate your company's bottom line.


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