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Copywriting is simply writing for the purpose of advertising. Most people are unaware of the fact that copywriting is really more a science than an art. Amatuer copywriters think 'oh, that sounds good' or 'I'm just sure this will make people buy'. Professional copywriters don't think like that at all. We know what sells and what doesn't.
Professional copywriters have been testing their work for hundreds of years, quite often with millions of mailings. We constantly test to learn what gets better response. That is, what advertizing sells more. Not only what is written, but how it is phrased is extremely important. When and where what text is displayed can be the differnce between great success and dismal failure. We have seen time and time again, where a product would not sell. We changed the advertising tactics and the same product started making a healthy profit.
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Even if your copy is well written it might be 'off strategy'. That is, your marketing efforts should all be working together. For example, you might be selling appliances and your general 'angle' might be 'discount prices'. If you then start publishing an ad that infers 'the elite in appliances' your ad would be 'off strategy'. It would work against all your other marketing efforts.
Our copywriters are well educated in the 'science' of copywriting and we have years of practical experience. Call us to discuss your advertising needs.
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