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What Do You Need?

The goal of course is to automate as much work as you can.
That lowers man hours and time frames as well as increasing efficiency and accuracy.
If you're lucky, an application already exists having exactly the software application your businees needs.
Chances are, nothing fits your business process very well. We have a lot of experience finding software that fits and we're happy to help.
If nothing can be found we can develope a custom software application using existing software capable of integration or from scratch.
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Do you need to manage particulars for on going projects such as client, location, project manager, status, etc.?

Do you need to manage day to day project operations: resources, critical path, events, progress, etc.?

We have years of experience developing custom software for both facets of project management. Let us help you get what you need.

Do you need software to help track your employees, vendors and others?

We can help you with software to maintain personnel records including work logs, vacations and time sheets as well as training and evaluation.

Perhaps software to maintain scouting, recruiting and dismissal procedures could help.

Many software applications for inventory are available. Still, we've been amazed at how many clients needed a custom software solution.

Variations on inventory might be software for couriers, fleets and transport, like for shipping.

We have consulted on existing software applications and developed different types of software like this.

Quite often we can find a CRM (customer relations management) application to fit our clients' needs. We have occasionally helped clients who needed custom software to manage their clients.

Though CRM software is abundant it is a rather general term and can refer to many different kinds of software.

The most common kind of commerce software is e-commerce software for Websites. Quite a few other kinds of commerce software exist as well, for example point of sale software.

We can help you either find existing software, some of which can be modified, or develop something for your specific needs.

Job tracking can include time and staff management. It may need to help with managing tasks and procedures within a job.

There are many job tracking & management applications to choose from. We can help you decide which one best fits your needs.

If you conclude that nothing exists we can discuss options involving the development of custom software.

We have seen cases where education for employees and for clients were being done in physical classrooms. Our clients needed the ability to allow students to complete course work on line.

In some cases you may need to arrange for purchase and shipping of tools and materials. We can do that. More often than not, we've found that a simple on line educational system is all that is needed.

We recently developed an on line calendar for entertainment in a restaurant, a simple Web based application.

Lots of scheduling applications can be purchased. Take advantage of our experience and let us do some research for you.

Scheduling applications can range from maintaining work schedules to event schedules to sports league management. Let us know what you need.

In 1999 we developed a digital library for a large polymer factory. We took a pile of huge notebooks and converted it to a fully searchable library that was available from any computer in the plant. We developed it to be editable, complete with authorization requirements and full revision control.

You may need to be able to scan documents into a digital library on an on going basis. Software exists for that and we can modify or develop software to fit your needs.

Custom software is as diverse as every application ever developed. Again, what do you need?

We have helped companies find many different types of software and we have developed hundreds of custom applications.

An initial consultation costs you nothing. Give us a call and talk with us about what you might think will help your business.

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