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The Internet provides a plethora of opportunities to place on-line ads. A good Internet ad campaign can generally increase your business a great deal at a reasonable marketing cost. A bad Internet ad campaign can cost you thousands of dollars with little or no return on your investment.
A carefully planned ad campaign can increase traffic to your Website. Of course the trick is to get your prospective customers to visit your site. A good ad campaign can, by increasing Web presence, improve your standing in the search engines as well.
Designing an effective ad campaign is a whole lot more difficult than it looks. Some ads work well for certain businesses but can fall flat for others. Some ads are only worth the effort if you can find situations where they don't cost more than the return they'll bring.
Here are some of the different types of ads that can be run on the Internet:
•  Banner Ads - a 'block' of space on a Web page, usually at the top or on the side of the page. They generally contain graphics, often animated. They are generally paid per impression (for each time the ad is displayed to a browser) and/or per click (each time a user clicks on it to visit your Website). Usually, they're too expensive to make money on but if you know how and where to buy them banner ads can be very effective.
•  Pop-up Ads - much like banner ads but they 'pop up' when the user visits the Website. These are becoming less popular because of their annoyance but they can be effective.
florida internet marketing •  Pay per Click Ads - If you do a search on Google.com, you'll see listings on the right hand side in addition to the main search results. These are 'pay per click' ads based on specific 'keywords'. You can also find them on other Websites marked as 'Google Ads'. You can make a lot of money with ads like this but you can very easily waste a lot of money if you don't get exactly the right keywords and/or sites that display them.
•  Directory Ads - You can quite often list your site in Directories. This is becoming less popular because they are used to 'fabricate' links for search engines. But there are still some very reputable directories and many offer the ability to advertise for a fee. If you know the right directories and can get ads placed within your business type, they can be quite effective.
•  E-Zines & Newsletters - E-Zines are on line magazines. News letters are generally emailed to a specific target clientele. Both usually offer the ability to place ads in them, much like printed magazines and news letters. Some have great circulation, many do not.
•  Affiliate Programs - Some companies offer the ability to place their ads on other companies' Websites, usually for a percentage of the price of the item advertised. Organizations (Websites) exist that bring advertisers and 'affiliates' together. If you know how to launch a good affiliate program you can make a lot of money at no initial cost to you.
•  Classified Ads - Undoubtedly the most famous classified ad Website is Ebay.com. Another is CraigsList.com. These sites are predominantly designed to sell products. Though you can lose money rather easily, these sites can be so effective that entire businesses depend exclusively on them.
We at Florida Web Design have run hundreds of ad campaigns. Yes, we've lost money; lots of it. We have been through the school of hard knocks. We know how and where to place ads that are effective and can make a strong positive return on your investment. Call us and we'll discuss your marketing needs.
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